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CAD System Transition

My customers often find themselves at the mercy of a particular CAD system that is no longer meeting their needs.  This necessitates a switch to a different system.  


After the purchase and training are over, companies still find themselves bound to the old system simply due to the volume of files they have already created in that system.


Because feature recognition is inconsistent at best between systems, I often manually re-build the files, feature by feature, to create a stable model you can use in your new system.  As much as possible, the feature type and order in the feature trees will match between models.


If there is no clear direction in the model you provide, I build the new files per my best practices guidelines I can share with you upon request.  I can accommodate any build requirements you may have.  


Basic model transitions from Pro-Engineer to Solidworks, or Solidworks to Pro-Engineer start at $150 per solid model of 50 features or less, and $100 per sheet of drawing for the newly created solid model.  If you have a lot of files to translate, I can work out a volume estimate for you.


I can build 3d solid models of any kind, from highly detailed surface models to sheetmetal and anywhere inbetween.  I can use any starting files you may have, from sketches and 2d prints to dxf.  I have build 3d files from pdf prints, and have also rebuilt parametric files from "dumb solid" imports.


Please note, this is a file transistion service only.  If the design in your current CAD system is incorrect, the newly created model will still be incorrect.


If you need my assistance with design, modification, correction or revision in addition to file transition, please visit the CONSULTING page to see how I can help with your needs.



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