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I solve problems.


I started Kenaz Designs to serve people and solve problems.


I would all but guarantee you have benefitted from or used a product I have done the mechanical design for.


I've done work for clients in every timezone in the US, and on almost every continent.  No matter where you are, if  you have a problem, please contact me and find out how I can help you.

As the owner of Kenaz, I have the responsibility to deliver what was promised.   I don't have a values page because I've always been taught to live values rather than talk about them.  If you're curious what they are, and haven't been able to determine my values from our interactions, let me know and I'll send over the list I use.  My values drive day to day decisions, as well as what clients I choose to serve.


I truly love Mechanical Design and Inventing.  I can't think of anything I would rather do. 


I chose to be a consultant.  I wanted to pick and choose what I work on, keep myself busy with meaningful work, and have availability to investigate new product ideas.  It shocked me how much time is spent by engineering staff at many companies that have very little to do with engineering, solving problems, or serving their customers.  That wasted time wears on me.


I wanted more....more work, more design, more challenges, and more satisfied and delighted customers.  I've structured my business to ensure my main focus is always in design and solving problems.  That's also the reason I don't maintain an office space.  I didn't want to pass on the overhead cost to my clients, and I didn't want to waste time commuting.


Let me know what I can do for you. 


"What is Kenaz?"


I've been called "Ken", with some people thinking my name is "Ken Az". Although that's a neat name, almost as cool as "Max Power", it's not my name.  I wanted the name of this company to have a larger meaning than just me.


My heritage of hard work, customer service, and innovation came from my father, grandfather, great grandfather, etc. My last name is Kesler, so I wanted to do something to honor those who taught me to work and serve.  Part of my ancestry is Scandanavian, so I chose the Viking Rune for K, which the Anglo-Saxons rendered Kenaz.  The red compass in the logo is the shape of the Kenaz Rune.


The literal translation of Kenaz is "torch".  It's root of "Ken" means "Knowledge".  The rune has an underlying meaning of Light, Fire and Creativity.  It seemed to fit what I wanted this company to represent.


Other Comments


You will notice there is at least one opportunity to contact me on every page.  That is purposeful.  I received complaints that my first website was difficult to find the contact information.  I was also told by some marketing consultants I should have more action, i.e. "contact" on the site.  If you feel like it's too much, please contact me to air your grievance.


Seriously though, if you have any needs or questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

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