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My Wall of Pride


These are a sampling of ideas to show breadth of experience, but are not representative of all projects I have worked on. More pictures will be added as I get permission from the clients to use them.

The Baconator - solid pre-plated brass, stamped into shape and packaged.  Kenaz developed the design, the production processes and supply chain including packaging.  The final product is packaged and delivered to Cutthroat Tackle.

Afflictor Broadheads - I helped get them in production.  This product is amazing!  And it's been a lot of fun working with them.  From Keith Powell - President of Afflictor Broadheads,

"Highly recommend Kenaz Design. Very accommodating, fast and extremely knowledgeable. Everything I have needed they have delivered to meet or exceed our expectations. "

Satellite communication Modules - Design taken from industrial design to production.


During the course of this project we needed to add and develop several new production vendors in multiple locations around the world. 


This design includes molded rubber, injection molded plastic, stamped metal, and thixomolded bottom body.  Rated to IP54 dust and water protection.


First and second generations shown.

DirecTV Set-top box bezel.  Multiple plastic parts made to fit an existing chassis design. Hot foil transfer, clear lens with pad print on a curved surface.  Pad print on molded compliant key matrix and on top of the hot foil stamp.

Other areas of experience include:


Hardened Portable Devices - Portable hardened electronics, hardened permanent install electronics enclosures rated for blowing rain and extended temperature ranges.


Outdoor Electronics Inclosures - Wide temperature range, water  and dust tight cabinets.  Some  had air conditioning, others were designed for natural convection cooling.  Experience with various assembly techniques, including foam-sheetmetal sandwich, structural foam (reaction injection molding), injection molding, and formed sheet metal.  Some projects required we train service personnel to ready them for the periodic service.


Hardened Industrial Control Electronics - Industrial control, automation electronics enclosures.  Most were for IP 30, some were hardened to IP 68 (3o ft submersion) and -40 to +105C temperature range.


Microelectronic Components - printed circuit board components, sensors, heat management devices  


Tools and Equipment - test fixtures, end of arm tooling, crimp tools, specialized assembly fixturing, jigs and patterns for repeatable manual production


Medical Devices - Arthroscopic knee implants, ACL Replacement system, disposable diagnostic equipment, spinal implant devices and surgical equipment


Sporting Goods - Besides the Fishing lure, and hunting accessories shown above, I've also designed exercise equipment.


Automated Assembly Equipment - CNC equipment, automated assembly cells, vibratory bowl escapements, actuators, sensors, and grippers.  From re-designing pieces for retrofit into existing assembly cells, to ground up new designs, I can assist you with your automation needs.

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