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Consulting vs New Hire

When a company needs design resources that exceed their capabilities, they can choose to hire a full time person or bring in temproary help.  I prefer to be temporary help simply because I want to be busy with design and problem solving and avoid the down time and non-design related activities present at almost every company.  


The up side is, by using my services as a consultant, you limit your financial liability to the project at hand.  With a new hire, the company has a full time employee to pay for whether or not they have full time work.  By using Kenaz, you can delay the hiring point until you have full time work, and you don't pay for my services when you're not using them.

Experience has shown my services more than pay for themselves.  Let me prove it to you as well.  To be clear, I don't aim to be the cheapest resource.  Rather I aim to be the most economical resource - designs done right the first time, on time.


In addition to just me, I have trusted partners that provide additional Mechanical Design as well as Software, Electrical Engineering, PCB Design and Layout, Production, and Contract Manufacturing.  I can assemble the right team and act as the main point of coordination for your project or work directly with your resources.


I have divided my current client base into four main needs categories.  Please see which category fits your needs best and, and contact me for a free estimate and consultation.


​I love working with startups. They bring a lot of energy and excitement to the table, and I love working on new things.


Startups often lack the design resources they need.  I can help fill in those deficiencies until they have established their business and staff to fill their needs.

I can help with any phase of your project, from concept design, quoting, prototypes, renderings and animations, and production spinup.  


I want to make sure you succeed in your venture.  My client's success is my success.  Let me help you get your idea to market. 


I can work with you to make services affordable.   Contact me to see what I can do for you.  Ask specifically about my performance guarantee.



Once your venture has taken off, the next challenge I can help with is when you need to grow.   With sustaining, problem solving, and new product development, needs often exceed small staff capabilities.

I can help extend your resources until you have enough work to justify a new hire.   I can take the entire project on using our trusted resource network, or work with your staff to fill any gaps in your resources.


I can also help you make revisions and corrections, solve production issues and help you establish a stable product conduit to your customers.

I can work with you and your budget to get you where you need to go.  Contact me for a discussion of your needs and requirements as well as a free estimate.  Ask me about my estimate guarantee.



Many of my clients have a full time, talented staff.  Their staff is often at or beyond capacity with their regular workload.  


With  normal business and product cycles, they often experience periodic surges in workload that are more than their staff can handle in a timely manner.  I can fill in to extend  your resources by working as part of your design team, or I can take on an entire project for you.​


The other issue my clients often face is the lack of experienced designers.  I am happy to work with and mentor your less experienced staff, during the course of a project.  This creates an opportunity to help less experienced engineers develop their confidence and skills while together we bring your project to completion.


By using Kenaz to extend your resources, you can extend your capacity while limiting your financial commitments until you add more permanent staff.


Contact me to see how I can extend your reach.



If you do what you've always done, you get what you always got.  When a business needs to evolve, sometimes the biggest impediment to change is the ingrained way they've always done things.


Typically these clients have adequate staffing with a lot of experience with their products.  Rather being asked to take on complete projects, I have been brought in to break  "log jams" on various projects.  Often, all it takes is an outside perspective, or application of tangential experience to see a different way through.  


I have conducted design reviews, tolerance analyses and manufacturability studies on projects I did not design.  If this is what you need, I can help.

I love a challenge.   Contact me to discuss how I can help  you conquer yours.  Ask me about my "no cure, no pay" guarantee.


Let's discuss what Kenaz can do for you.
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