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SolidWorks - I have more than 10 working years using Solidworks.  I've taken SolidWorks courses in Sheetmetal, Part, and Assembly.  SolidWorks is the primary CAD system I use currently, not only because of the speed and ease of use, but also most of my clients also use SolidWorks.

Pro-Engineer /Creo - I started using ProEngineer in 1996 and used it full time, through multiple versions, for the next 14 years.  I've taken many PTC training courses, including Advanced Part, Advanced Assembly and Advanced Surfacing.  To be completely honest, I prefer working in SolidWorks, but if your primary system is PTC, I am more than happy to accommodate your needs.


SolidWorks Simulation- I have taken SolidWorks training in FEA- Linear, FEA-Non-Linear Dynamic and Solidworks Flow.  I have performed many analyses using their packages.  Currently I only have licenses for Solidworks Simulation Express, but if we can arrange for licenses, I can use them to analyze your design.  A word to the wise on FEA, it very much follows Chaos Theory where the output of the system is highly dependant on the initial conditions (setup).  As with most tools, the results they produce are only as good as the person using them.  

Rendering and Animation

Keyshot - I use Keyshot to render files taken from Solidworks.  I've found their textures and colors to be more realistic.  Additionally through their cloud I have access to more user created paints, textures and colors.  Some clients use Keyshot renderings rather than pictures of actual products on their websites.

I can create rendered static images or animations of Solidworks cad files.  I do not build parts from scratch in Keyshot.   If you have need of photo realistic animations or images of 3d cad files, let me see what I can do for you.

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